The movie starts in the year 2022. He taunts proceeds and the family to kill them all.

This is having a great effect on the coming Presidential election. The NFFA perspective Roan as a danger to their own rule and strategy to use the coming Purge to remove her. Marcos says that she’d win and make more changes while Joe and Laney consider she does not have a chance.

Joe, Marcos, and Laney face a teenaged shoplifter named Kimmy (Brittany Mirabile) and buddy both trying to steal a candy bar. Afterwards, an enraged Joe safeguard his shop and finds that his Purge insurance rates are increased beyond his affordability, prompting him out. So that you can ensure the popular vote of the common people Roan determines to wait out the Purge from her unsecured residence. Meanwhile, a news anchor interviews an organization of South African tourists their answer would be to join the Purge.

After Purge Nighttime commences, an assault repels by the teenaged shoplifters . Roan and Barnes are betrayed by Couper and Busmalis, who indicate a Neo Nazi paramilitary force headed by Earl Danzinger (Terry Serpico) and in secret let them into the family. Barnes manages to get Roan to security, but is wounded in the act. A bomb inside your home detonates, killing Busmalis, Couper, and several troops. Barnes and Roan attempt to seek shelter elsewhere, but are ambushed and taken by several Russian Homicide Tourists. Marcos and Joe shoot the group dead and save them before they’re executed. As they take refuge in the shop of Joe, Roan and the two converse while Marcos attempts to tend to Barnes’ wound. As Joe, Roan, Barnes and Marcos prepare to defend themselves, Dawn and Laney arrive and run over Kimmy and her pal with their ambulance. The other shoplifters are subsequently gunned down by Laney before finishing off a greatly injured Kimmy with a point blank headshot. The group subsequently leave the shop for a hideout that is safer.

With Laney, Roan, Joe, Barnes, Dawn, Rondo and Marcos the group is ambushed by a helicopter piloted by Danzinger, who wind up killing Rondo. Barnes deduces they were located because the bullet in his torso is a tracker the living six subsequently seek safety. As he pulls the bullet, when the gang’s logo whistle call, showing that he was their member is given by Joe the group is confronted by a big group of Crips but still. When the bullet is found by two of the earth team members of Danzinger, the Crips emerge from concealment and remove them.

Barnes, Roan, Joe, Laney, Dawn, and Marcos are led to your hideout beneath a hospital shielded by anti-Purge rebels headed by Dante Bishop (Edwin Hodge) where volunteer physicians and nurses administer to injure Purge casualties while other professionals provide food, water, and medications. Place several NFFA death squad trucks heading to the hideout, although Joe, Marcos, and Laney determine to return to the shop. Meanwhile, Roan attempts to dissuade them, as she needs to win the election and finds the rebels are intending to assassinate Owens. As death squad forces arrive they may be compelled to flee, and the pair meet with the ambulance. On the other hand, Danzinger rams the ambulance, and Roan is captured.

Roan is given at a midnight Purge mass within an NFFA-gained Catholic cathedral while Barnes and the others give chase to Owens. They meet up with his team they infiltrate the cathedral and Bishop. As Warrens prepares to slit her throat, he is assassinated by Marcos, indicating the rebels to invade the cathedral and inducing the whole congregation to disperse and flee. In the ensuing turmoil, many of the NFFA congregation are killed. Bishop considers killing him and gets Owens in the crypt, to the protests of Barnes and Roan, while Owens goads on him to kill him. Bishop spares him on the state that the election is won by Roan, and refrains. As Joe knocks Owens unconscious and arrives, the group also finds a high number of Purge mass casualties, gagged and bound, that Owens had stashed in the crypt.

Bishop and his guys determine to ensure transportation to leave the church while Laney, Roan, Joe, Barnes and Marcos try to untie the prisoners. Nevertheless, they’ve been shortly ambushed by his mercenaries and Danzinger, leaving Bishop and the rebel team. Bishop manages to dispatch the remaining mercenaries save. Barnes and Danzinger subsequently participate in a vicious melee battle, and the latter gets the upper hand. As Roan frees some of the last of Owens’ casualties that are captive, James appears from fires and hiding killing among the casualties that are recently liberated. After injure Marcos and incapacitating Laney, he targets Joe although Roan measures in and participates in a fierce crossfire with James, ultimately killing him. Joe tells Laney and Marcos to look after his shop and encourages the election to be won by Roan before succumbing to his injuries.

While Barnes continues his service two months Roan wins the presidency. Laney and Marcos renovate the shop and continue to run it. A news report suggests that many NFFA assistants have stormed the streets in violent demonstration, and that outlawing the Purge is becoming the greatest precedence of Roan. The movie finishes using an ominous picture of the American flag.